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How zellebrate can help your business.

60% of digital shopping activities conducted by consumers now occurs over a mobile phone (surpassing PCs as shopping’s go-to device). Yet two thirds of consumers now only open up 11 apps a week on these devices (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Amazon apps for example).

Accordingly the amount of exposure bricks & mortar retailers are getting for their websites and / or apps (and their products) is shrinking alarmingly.

And given dominant online retailers such as Amazon now represent all-encompassing one-stop apps for consumer goods by comparison, the exposure these bricks & mortar stores’ competitors are receiving is increasing every day.​

Subsequently bricks & mortar retailers’ stores and products also need to be a one-stop app within that “1 in 11” consumer list – zellebrate is that one-stop shopping platform solely for bricks & mortar stores and their products.

Clever apps and websites that deliver instant satisfaction with just one or two taps or clicks (like Instagram) have spoilt the marketplace. Consumers now feel time-poor if they’re weaving their way through a process on their mobile that takes longer than a few seconds – even when doing searches for consumer products on Google (Amazon has just taken over Google as the primary search engine for consumer products).

So going in and out of retailers’ websites to find and assess products is causing consumers to rush their decision making at every turn. The result is consumers spending the least amount of time doing such because they know that within just a couple of taps they could be finding a complete range of equivalent products from a one-stop, pure-online, app.

The temptation of going to an ‘Amazon’ first (and instead) then is now profound (as borne out by the latest research referred to above). But zellebrate fights back. It mirrors these one-stop online stores with a one-stop platform of its own – but just for bricks & mortar stores / products.

The time savings zellebrate introduces are profound and provide a compelling reason for driving ‘surfing’ consumers back to bricks & mortar stores and their products.

A consumer can achieve satisfaction on zellebrate’s all-encompassing platform up to 5 times quicker than by Googling and going in and out of retailers’ websites.

This is quite apart from the plethora of additional time based advantages the app represents – such as these examples:

  • Putting products of interest they find in the app’s collective shopping, watch and like lists,
  • Being immediately shown the nearest locations of stores relative to them that are distributing said bricks & mortar products of interest,
  • Being able to immediately share products of interest with followers that INCLUDES the closest store location to each follower at the time.

Such is the significance of the immediacy and convenience zellebrate represents (and accompanying time benefits) it is unquestionable consumers will be able to start spending MORE time surfing individual retailers’ stores for products.

Over the next 4 to 5 years these pure online retailers are expected to grab another 7% market share from bricks & mortar traders. This will impact local shopping severely. It is a potentially catastrophic event for even the most successful off-line retailers.

zellebrate fights back, representing local shopping precincts as a one-stop, digital marketing / sales platform for consumers.

With 90% of consumer spending still occurring in bricks & mortar stores the popularity base for local shopping today is still dominant. But the warning signs are real and more than enough to warrant the industry to stand together as one and fight back against the pure online insurgency.

zellebrate empowers bricks & mortar retailers to make digital contact direct with consumers.

For example, products consumers put on zellebrate’s Watch list have most likely been deemed too expensive.  zellebrate can highlight such to all relevant retailers at the time and allow them to communicate direct with these users and make special offers just for them as they see fit.

Fifty zellebrate users may have the identical product in their Watch list, for example, so the retailer in question distributing said offer may decide to pitch them a ‘bulk’ deal via the app.

zellebrate also represents another e-commerce channel for bricks & mortar stores. Products found on the app can be purchased immediately online:

  • zellebrate provides direct links into retailers’ e-commerce pages for each of their products.
  • When a consumer finds an item they like then with one tap they can follow through and purchase it – and so zellebrate becomes another channel for the facilitation of their online sales.
  • This includes Click & Collect (if the retailer’s local store outlet offers such a service).
  • At all times zellebrate highlights the local proximity of stores so consumers are constantly aware how easy it is to return items – and so even further encouraged to make the online purchase.
  • Any product found on zellebrate can be immediately shared with other users and even non-users – as well as instant messages representing the items being shared too of course.
  • They can also send off instant messages to select followers that contains a photo of them wearing or holding a product they’ve found in-store or purchased.
  • Importantly EVERY message sent out by users with the app not only has the image of the stock photo attached (and its price and full details) – even if the message went out with a photo of the user holding or wearing the product as its focus – but that one tap link straight into the retailer’s e-commerce page as well AND the closest store the recipient of the message can buy it from.
  • At any time, product & store promotions can be posted up on zellebrate. 
  • Their publication can be flagged direct to app users as they’re posted and tailored to specific demographics, their location, their product search history within the app, and so on.

zellebrate allocates popularity ratings for bricks & mortar retail products according to the live interest in them at the time – it has a patent pending on this feature.

The interest is assessed according to how often a product found on the app (on an ongoing, live basis):

  • is having its ‘more details’ page tapped on and opened,
  • is placed in zellebrate’s Watch, Shopping or Like list,
  • is having its e-commerce page opened ( i.e. that of the relevant retailer’s),
  • is being shared with other users and how often they are on-sharing it.

The age, postcode and gender demographics of each user is also captured. The resulting popularity of products, product categories, local stores / shopping precincts can be reported on live by zellebrate and benchmarked against the performance nearby of competitive products, stores and so on.

Laying over this popularity reporting is also the price movements of all products at the time so the true performance of sales and marketing strategies / campaigns can be assessed in depth (and in real time) too.

zellebrate measures the impact app users are having amongst their followers whenever they share a product they find on the app.

zellebrate knows who sent the message and what each recipient of the message did upon receiving it.

  • Did they open it up to see more details on the product?
  • Did they put it in their Watch, Shopping or Like lists?
  • Did they go to the Ecommerce page?
  • Did they on-share it with their followers and if so what did those recipients do with the message?

So influencers can be measured very accurately on just how effective the sharing of a retailer’s products is amongst their brethren and rewarded appropriately

Influencers can also set up their own virtual store on zellebrate, promoting and exposing their favoured bricks & mortar stores’ products and new releases as often as they like – including promoting them throughout all their social media channels too (and at a timing convenient to said retailers’ sales and marketing campaigns if they so choose).

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