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zellebrate is a one-stop, digital, shopping hub designed to promote products and services available from bricks & mortar stores and the local communities wrapped around them.

It has been invented to fight back against the monster online retailers currently weakening our local business economies.

zellebrate has been conceived to dramatically improve the promotion of products available from local shopping precincts.

Two thirds of consumers now only use a dozen apps a week.  As a result, digital exposure to individual retailers’ websites / apps is shrinking alarmingly. 

A one-stop app enabling bricks & mortar shopping precincts to act as the one ‘monster’ digital entity themselves is imperative.

zellebrate seeks to help the bricks & mortar economy fight back – in this new age of daunting ‘pure online’ retailing – and by doing so help preserve the fundamentals of local community living such as local youth / adult employment and social harmony.

Most mainstream retailers, their store locations and their products are on the app (as well as a rapidly growing list of smaller boutique retailers) … 28,000+ stores and 1,200,000+ products.

Those numbers are growing significantly with at least 2,000,000 product offerings expected shortly.

Use the form below. (zellebrate’s mission is to embrace and assist local communities and their economic health. We welcome community to help our information stay up to date.)

zellebrate has just completed a capability that will enable non-retailers (cafes, restaurants, hotels and so on) to list themselves / their offerings on the app as well.

Register your interest below in taking up this facility. (It is currently in beta testing mode.)

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